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How to Make Money from Porn

If you want to make money from porn and adult entertainment, working for London escorts is only one of the options that you have got. Working for an elite London escorts does indeed pay very well, but there are other ways to make money within the wonderful world of porn and adult entertainment. For instance, […]

My Husband Tells Me I am a Slut

I don’t know what my husband expected from our marriage, but I am certainly not going to change all of my colours for him. We met when I was still working at London escorts, and he seemed to be happy to date me when I was still working for London escorts. However, now when I […]

Sex Today; 50 Shades Of Any Color You Desire

Why limit yourself to a specific sex genre when you can arouse your excitement from all possible genres? Today we don’t need to limit our self to just 50 shades of grey; you can go all the way and color it up. Bring out your sexy side. Go all out and explore the different genres ranging from heterosexual men and women, gays, lesbians, transgender, the genres are almost without limit.

Some of the best stories to get you in the mood can be found at The stories found on Kara’s Porn for Women is targeted towards heterosexual women; you won’t see any she on she action here. The sex in these stories is consensual and steamy.

Without limitation, explore the erotic world at This website features more than 200,000 erotic stories from over 10,000 authors in genres such as gay male, bisexual, lesbian, and transgender. Read all about women playing with themselves and each other; some stories include sex toys in the mix. The stories on this site range from friendships turning into relationships, stories involving athletics, BDSM, college fantasies, even science fiction and fantasy. This website also caters to gay men with one of the largest collections of gay erotic stories on the internet.

There’s literally no limit on the types of erotica available today. Take for example Japanese anime porn. It’s not polite to show tow humans doing the nasty, but there’s no end to the types of creatures and aliens allowed to penetrate young looking girls in this genre of erotica.

Another type of erotica that has been popular for years is the science fiction fantasy genre. This can involve time travel for sex in a different time on earth or alien abduction and penetration from some unearthly being.

Vampires have taken on a whole new meaning today; they used to be nothing more than parasites feeding on the blood of humans. Today they have morphed into romantic beings that can take a human to new pleasurable heights while taking their life at the same time.

There has been erotica almost as long as there have been humans. Pottery from ancient Greece depicts graphic sexual positions, as do wall frescos from ancient Rome. As long as there are humans on the Earth, we will figure out new and inventive ways to make our feel-good buttons pop. Even if it includes vampire bites and octopus tentacles.