In Love with a work colleague

I have been working for London escorts for the last three years. Recently a new girl joined the office, and, you are not going to believe this, but I think that I fancy here. In the past I have preferred female company, but I have not even kissed a girl. This girl makes me feel different, and I am not so sure why. I am glad that I am working for London escorts where we can be rather open about these things. But the fact is that I am still concerned. I think that I fancy her, but I do wonder if this makes me a lesbian?

To be perfectly honest, I am not concerned about being a lesbian. There are quite a few bisexual, and even lesbian escorts, here at London escorts, so we don’t worry about stuff like that her at this London escorts agency. But, I am worried about offending somebody. If, the girl is not a lesbian, I don’t want to upset her by telling her that I fancy her. It may even offend her, and unsettle the entire office. This is something that I don’t want to do. We have a nice working atmosphere here at London escorts.

I don’t know what would happen if I said to this girl that I fancy her. She seems to be quite easy going. Well, you really need to be rather easy going when you work for London escorts, but I am still concerned. There are times when I think that she looks at me in certain way, and I get that sort of hint that she might want to go for a drink. Perhaps it would be nice to go for a drink and talk things over. As long as I don’t rock the boat at London escorts services I think that everything will be fine.

It is funny how certain things in life can sneak up on you. I am not sure that I am a lesbian, but I do fancy a lot of ladies. Some of the girls here at London escorts are bisexual so that is another angle. Yes, I have met a few guys that I have really fancied, but I have also met a few girls that I have fancied. At least we work in that kind of environment here at London escorts that we can talk about these things. In most places where I have worked, you haven’t been able to talk about them.

I think that I am going to ask her for a drink this Friday. We could just go out and have a chat to see how we get on. Our office here is really informal so that helps a lot. People go out with each all of the time, and the boss encourages us to have social relationships outside the office. I don’t mind being lesbian or bisexual. I think that a lot of people make to big of a deal of these things, and I don’t want to be one of those.

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